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Specialist Consultation & Support services

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Websites and Programming Services ...back to the top

FatMac can provide you with a range of specialist support & consultancy ranging from web site design and coding services to cocoa applications and Unix shell scripts. FatMac can assist you from the initial consultation, all the way to implementation and technical support.

Check out some of our cocoa applications on our downloads page, all designed and coded by FatMac engineers and provided to you for free.

custom made os x applications from fatmac

Here are just some of the languages that FatMac engineers have experience with:

  • Applescript
  • Unix BASH & Bourne Shell Scripts
  • PHP and MySQL
  • C
  • C++
  • Objective-C
  • Java Script
  • Cocoa
  • HTML and CSS

Pro-Audio Services for Creatives ...back to the top

If you work in Pro Audio then you'll know that Apple Macs are the centre of the studio. Whether you use Logic or Pro Tools as your front end, if you have problems with your Mac your work can become very difficult!.

FatMac engineers are available to help you with all of your audio problems, from MIDI gremlins to Pro Tools surround setup. We have supported computers from Atari 1040's and Cubase (these are still great machines!) to the new Intel Macs running either Pro Tools or Logic and everything in between.

Here are just some of the Apple Mac support services we offer recording installations:

logic and protools support for audio professionals
  • Pro Tools advice (HTDM and TDM systems)
  • Logic installation and configuration
  • Hard drive design for audio recording and sample libraries
  • High speed studio networking
  • Sample conversion including AKAI floppies
  • Super-fast backup solutions

Our Apple Mac support service for recording facilities is discrete and can be completed around bookings so that you don't suffer from down time. Our support engineers have experience in Pro Audio so can quickly understand what your needs. We also know the value of your data so you can be assured that sensitive material is backed up and remains private. Please give us a call and talk to us about your support requirements

Pro-Visual Services for Creatives ...back to the top

protools support os x
logic support os x
apple mac support for pro-visual creatives
specialist apple mac consultancy london

FatMac can help you create professional DVD’s from the inception and design stage all the way to final printing. Whether you need a corporate DVD to showcase a new product or provide training for staff, or want to edit several holiday videos into one film, FatMac can help you get the best from the DVD and HD formats.

We not only offer standard DVD video creation but also the lesser known DVD Audio for high fidelity audio playback in surround formats. These DVDs can be as simple as CD style playback with no video imagery or more complex discs offering dual compatibility between DVD Video and DVD Audio players, with or without picture.

FatMac also offer a batch transcoding and encoding service where we can transform most video projects to an alternate video standard. This can be as simple as turning your DVDs into iPod compatible videos or batch processing video destined for DVD.